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Super Fun Kid Fonts

Putting up these Super Fun Kid Fonts for you today…nothing Christmas-y here and not much chit-chatting in this post!

My excuse….I am feeling awfully behind on our Christmas timeline. The cards are still sitting on my desk, unaddressed! And besides the one online purchase, I haven’t started shopping yet! So, my husband and I are both officially taking the day off to spend shopping while the kiddos are in school. Then, we get to come home to celebrate our oldest turning 13 *WOW*. Not sure how that happened, but I am now the mom of a teenager. sigh. Wish us luck today…Christmas shopping and teen years start all on the same day!

Enjoy the new fonts!

Not all fonts are commercial free, so check before use!Super Fun Kid Fonts

1. School Notes | 2. Starlight Font | 3. KB Dunk Tank | 4. Janda Silly Monkey | 5. Gold Panda

6. KG Melonheadz | 7. Peach Milk | 8. KBZipaDeeDooDah | 9. Awesome | 10.Some Lines



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  1. I just downloaded the free ZIP file of fun fonts for kids on my Mac. For some reason, I cannot find the download anywhere!!! I’ve installed the app and it says that the fonts have been downloaded. Do you by chance know where I should be looking for the file? I cannot find it on the hard drive anywhere.


    1. There should be a “downloads” folder that the file goes in. On my mac I go to my finder>my user name>downloads folder. If you can’t find it that way you can always use the magnifiying glass in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and type in “downloads” to find the folder.

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