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FREE font Friday | Tall & Skinny Handwriting Fonts

photoIt appears that TALL & SKINNY fonts are the rage in design right now. I have been using them in free printables, in website design and print design. Big companies are using them in their marketing  materials too: I have seen them used in the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine (check out the example from this magazine off to your left), Better Homes & Gardens, in Land’s End Canvas emails and more! A few of my favorites that I use frequently are below! Download these free fonts and give them a try!




As always, the links for the fonts are below. Not all fonts are commercial free, so check before use!

Tall and Skinny Handwriting Fonts

1. Too Tight | 2. The Skinny  | 3. Over The Moon | 4. Amatic SC | 5. Mossy

6. KG Skinny Latte | 7. Skinny Chick | 8. Simplicity | 9. DK Pimpernel | 10. My Skinny Jeans




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