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Favorite Dinner Ideas List

I hate to menu plan. I do. I do it every Thursday evening, along with making my grocery list–but not without complaining! I don’t mind the grocery shopping or even making dinner, but coming up with the ideas is the worst.

My husband got tired of of hearing me complain weekly, so for Christmas this past year he wrote out a huge list of dinner ideas. Honestly, it was a great gift. Of course I had to take his idea and make it pretty.

It's easy to create your Favorite Dinner Ideas List filled with endless meal possibilites. This list easily eliminates the "what's for dinner" question!

Favorite Dinner Ideas List

This is how the Favorite Dinner Ideas List came about. One pretty sheet that contains weeks worth of dinner ideas in multiple categories, including:

  • beef
  • poultry
  • vegetarian
  • casseroles
  • soup & salads
  • Mexican
  • Italian/pasta
  • asian
  • fish
  • sandwiches
  • sides

Take a few minutes to sit down with the Favorite Dinner Ideas List, your cookbooks and maybe even a few family members. Take 15-30 minutes to brainstorm your favorite meals. Be sure to include your trusty favorites as well as meals that you don’t make very frequently, but are a hit with your family members.

Once your list is complete, it’s easy to make your weekly or even your monthly menu plan in no time at all.

Grab your free printable Favorite Dinner Ideas List but clicking the download button below.



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  1. I love all of your fun printables and ideas and suggestions you have. When I make an experimental dinner, my family will say “it’s a keeper” or “no thanks” Sometimes I forget what was a “keeper” and what I should pass on. So it is good to put the dinners they love in one place. Thanks

  2. I’m having problems downloading these today. Every time I try, it asks for my email & name. I filled the boxes out for the few I wanted and the email sends me back to the same page to enter my name and email. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for all of these, they’re great!

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