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First & Last Day of School Interview for Kids

Before my kids started kindergarten I bought these books that had a place for each and every school year to write their name, record school year information and answer questions about life at that age.

We love to look back at these School Interview books the kids were so faithful at filling out each and every year. They bring back so many memories and give us lots of laughs as well!

First & Last Day of School Interview Printables

Would you love to have the same opportunity to have first and last day of school interviews with your kids? Now you can with these fun free school interview printables.

Included are interviews for all grades, from Pre-School through 12 grade/senior year.

Are you a teacher? What better opportunity than to have your students fill these out on the first and last day of school. Parents will love to see how the answers have changed over the school year, and the kids will too.

Be sure to be as prepared as possible for the start of a new school year. Use the First Day of School Checklist to make sure you don’t miss a step. Record the first day of school with a cute photo and use one of these first day of school photos options:

Be sure to use the button below to download the First & Last Day of School Interview Printables.



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  1. I can’t get it to work either. hopefully, it can be fixed. I love all your printables and ideas!! Thanks so much for sharing.

      1. I noticed in iPhone that you can no longer “save” it over to your own (mine) Dropbox. But; you can email it to yourself and it comes as an attached pdf in your email.
        I am writing this for all those (old) messages above which say they can’t get your downloads —- have a great day! And thank you so much for spending your time creating printables
        So I don’t have to spend my time to create something not as nice!!

  2. What’s the difference between “How I write my name” and “My Signature” boxes? I don’t understand the difference.

      1. Alright thanks. My kindergartener doesn’t know cursive & of course he won’t be taught it at school in the later years. Hmm I guess I’ll just have him write his first name in the top box & then his full name in bottom box.

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