Holiday Kickstart Organizer

I hate to admit it, but when I avoid sitting down for just a few minutes to plan—whether it be my week of meals or my weekly schedule—the week doesn’t seem to go very well.

Simply put all I need to do is sit down for 10-20 min to preview and organize my upcoming week and then for the most part it’s smooth sailing. When I know what meals we are eating (which also means there’s no scrambling late afternoon), and I know which appointments and errands I can combine to make the most use of my time, life sure is much easier.

The simple task of planning ahead not only holds true to weekly planning, but to big events as well.


The next big event headed our way is the craziness of the holidays. There’s a lot to get ready for, isn’t there? There are lots of people to buy gifts for, including friends, family, teachers and more. And then there is those we would love to gift a baked good to—neighbors, postal carriers, bus drivers and so many others.

The Holiday Kickstart Organizer is the perfect guide to get you on the right foot this holiday season. It’s included in our Holiday Planner too!

Grab the download at the bottom of the post, print it out and schedule a few minutes to brainstorm through the list of people that you need to give Christmas gifts or treats to.

Keep the Kickstart Organizer on hand during your holiday shopping season. It’s easy to keep in your purse. Mark each person complete once their gifts are purchased or treats are made. It’s really that simple.

This Holiday Kickstart Organizer is my go to for starting to prep for the holidays, it’s something I can’t live without and there’s a good chance you won’t be able to either!



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  1. I downloaded this, but it will not let me print …
    I used a different email & tried again- but again, it won’t let me print. Says ” document could not print” “Error occurred while printing” – which it didn’t do.
    Anyone else having issues?

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